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How To Stop Mice From Ruining Your Compost?

compostingMice are not good news for your compost. Imagine planning months to prepare healthy compost only to find that mice have ruined it. They carry all sorts of diseases and are generally so unhygienic that you must keep them away.

Though mice and rats try to avoid attacking compost during summertime as the compost would be turned repeatedly and kept moist by you, they may still come looking for scraps.

The real mice problems in compost occur during winters when the compost offers food, comfort, heat to the mice.

Now you must be wondering how you can keep the mice away. If so, be at peace because we have listed a few awesome solutions here.


  1. No Touching the Ground

Most mice and rats love to crawl on the ground often so a good thing to do would be to invest in a compost turner that is elevated from the ground. The success rates of the tumbler vary, so be sure to do some research on the tumbler you are buying. No 100% guarantee ensured.


  1. Moisture Matters

Wet bedding conditions are a big turn off for mice. Thus, it would smart to keep the compost moisturized to fend them off. You can also use warm snaps to wet the pile. But be sure not to overdo it as excess water can make the compost bad.



  1. Create Noise

Mice don’t like much noise. You can take advantage of this weakness by using thaws and warm snaps to turn the pile. The constant noise would force the mice and rats to keep away.


  1. Use Indoor Vermicompost Bins

If you put food for mice out in the winters, they are bound to attack your compost pile. A smarter idea would be to use vermicompost bins and convert kitchen waste to soil amendments.


  1. Cover It Up

Another simple solution could be to cover up the compost by using a lid so that even if the mice enter the compost, the lack of air would force them to move out of it real quick. Covering the compost during winters is advised because you don’t need much air for the compost but it is not advised in summers.


  1. Use a Trap but wisely

One more good option is to use a trap but you need to be very careful about it. Try not to touch the mouse or fecal matter as it’s dangerous for your health. It would be wise to wear long sleeves and gloves to protect your skin.

When you are using a trap, you can also use a breathing mask to avoid the possibility of breathing fecal dust. Getting rid of the dead mice must also be done with care by using a thick sealed plastic bag so that the mice or rats’ dead body doesn’t touch anyone.

If you follow the aforementioned methods, you will be able to save your compost from these little creatures that often see your compost as a source of their food supply.