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Should You Move Your Home During Summer in Sydney



Summer is considered to be the ideal season for moving a home. Why? It’s because kids have their school breaks and there is no fear of ruining your moving experience due to cold winds or cruel rains.

But when you decide to move your home in Sydney, you should know that selecting summer time for moving your home has its own pros and cons. They are all listed here to help you make a better decision on whether you should move a home in summer.



  1. Less Chaos

As we have already told you, summers are ideal for moving a home because your kids don’t have to go to the school. You can take their help in packing your stuff at home by bribing them with things like extra TV time.


  1. Better Weather

The days are usually longer in summers which give you extra time to pack just one more box every day or finish packing your entire bedroom stuff in one day. On the contrary, if you move during winters, you would barely pack one or two boxes when it’s dark outside and you need to start preparing for making dinner.


  1. Good for Education

Moving a home during summer breaks means that your kids won’t be forced to leave the school during the middle of a school year. Moving a home can be stressful for kids too and if they go to a new school and adjust there during a school year, their academic performance can suffer.


  1. More Expensive

A summer move might not be a smart idea for your budget. Mainly due to the aforementioned reasons, most people plan to move during summers so you have to shell out more money for rendering services like hiring a mover and packer.

The removalist would be in demand more and as a result, you will have to pay some extra to avoid being cancelled upon. A wise idea would be to plan things in advance and hire a mover a month in advance to avoid the extra costs.


  1. Heat Factor

If you are doing the packing yourself rather than hiring a furniture removalist in Sydney to help you out the summer heat can be a terrible thing for you. Remember to hydrate yourself often or choose to grab a drink, especially after every box you pack to avoid dealing with dehydration. Another solution to beat the heat could be to wear cool, comfortable and loose clothes that don’t make you feel too hot. You can even pack the stuff inside your home by wearing your pyjamas as no one would be looking at you. When going outside, you must wear some sunscreen to protect your screen. Believe me, people often spend more time than they expect during packing outdoor stuff like garage stuff or garden stuff that they think and often end up with sunburn.

In case you wish to avoid packing the heavy stuff because the heat is killing you, you can always depend on the furniture removalist to do it for you. Their people would excel at moving stuff during the heat without compromising on the quality of the work as they would have been doing it for many years.