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Furniture Packing Tips During a Long Distance Move

cartoon of a man lifting a sofa with wife and catFurniture forms a very important part of your home. When you plan to relocate, your furniture is sure to tag along with you – no matter if it’s a short or long distance move. These tips will also help you to safeguard antiques and other such valuables.


Basic rules

1) Be very slow and careful when moving any furniture. You never know what may cause damage to your furniture all of a sudden.

2) Examine all sides of your furniture and determine if anything is already broken or damaged. This will help you to know if it has incurred any further damage or has reached your new destination in the same condition.

3) Plan ahead. Chalk out the whole plan of action before you actually start moving the furniture items. This will help you in identifying trouble spots and you can clear the way or remove the obstructions beforehand.



Specific rules for furniture

  1. Clear the path – Certain furniture items may be huge in size and placed well in the interiors of your house. So it is better to move the items which are nearer to the exit door first and then move to the items placed inside. This will help to not only move the furniture in a systematic way but also clear the path for the other items.
  2. Check all your furniture items – While packing, it may happen that you leave an accessory such as a watch, belt or any other valuable item in the drawer of a furniture item that you are about to pack. This may result in the valuable getting lost and it may also cause damage to your furniture.
  3. Place one hand beneath – Have a firm grip over any furniture before moving it. You can do this by placing one hand beneath the item and holding it firmly from all sides. Ask your family members or your mover to help when moving heavy items.
  4. Do not drag your furniture – When you are moving these items, care should be taken that you do not drag or slide them on the floor. This will not only cause cracks or marks on your floor but also damage the furniture itself. Avoid lifting chairs by their arms or crest rails.
  5. Do not walk backwards when moving furniture – It is very important to face forward when you are moving any kind of furniture item. Walking backwards can prove to be dangerous and you might hurt yourself or incur a serious injury. You may also damage your precious furniture items in the process.
  6. Using a cart – You can take the help of a cart when moving furniture outside your home into the moving van or vice versa. This will help to avoid any injury from taking place. Also, when you place too many items on a cart, make sure that you have secured them with the help of a padded strap or a rope so that they stay safe during a long distance move. You can also wrap them in a blanket pad so that they are safe from bumps.
  7. Reporting damages – In the unlikely event of a damage taking place while you are making a short or long distance move, be sure to report all kinds of damage to your mover. This will help them to keep a track of the condition of your items. Save all the broken pieces together. This will help you restore them later. You could also ask a professional to put them back together.