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The Dangers of Hiring an Unprofessional Office Removalist



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Moving an office (regardless of its size) can be expensive. Proper packing, furniture, records, and many other items must be taken into consideration when it is time to relocate. It is also imperative for you to hire a reputable office removalist. A trusted and experienced company will make sure that everything is securely transferred to the new site. Choosing the wrong people can lead to lost and stolen information, liability risks, and even business disclosures.


Mini-Storage Trends

Mini-storage service is becoming more popular. These companies specialize in placing office items in their warehouse. They claim business owners will avoid the costs associated with traditional moving and storage. It is imperative for business owners to know that these providers do not offer the same insurance protection as professional office movers. It is also vital for business owners to understand that mini-storage service providers can legally auction a company’s items if their bills are not paid on time.


Many experts consider such companies to be very unprofessional. They are not bound to the same codes followed by traditional professional office movers. Companies are liable to face future lawsuits if they deal with such removalists. Companies are also putting themselves at risk to losing thousands of dollars if they fail to hire a professional office moving company that is held to high standards.


Here are a few red flags you should be aware of:

  • Poor online customer reviews or ratings
  • Using cellular telephones to conduct business
  • Using rental trucks and not company owned vehicles
  • Not being registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • Using P.O. boxes instead of physical addresses

Mini-storage companies set-up shop and disappear when something goes wrong. Some will reappear under a different name and business license after facing a lawsuit. They are notorious for using extremely low prices to draw in customers. A low price is an indication that you are dealing with amateurs.


Choosing a Reputable Office Mover

There are businesses that care about their customers and reputation in the industry. They do not offer low-ball prices to get business. They are only interested in offering a quality service at a competitive price.


Let’s go over a few tips on choosing a reputable office mover.

  • The company should have licensing, bonding, and insurance
  • Have a physical address, landline, and references from earlier customers
  • Have positive online reviews
  • Use branded company vehicles and storage centers
  • Perform intensive background checks on their employees
  • Offer a competitive bid
  • Visit your place of business, inspect your office, and give you a quote based on what is seen. You should never hire an office mover that provides a quote over the telephone.


Reputable office removalists lower your company’s risk of liability. They are insured and can absorb liability problems if company‚Äôs records or furniture is destroyed during the move. Hiring a hybrid office mover and records management firm is your best option. These companies use the latest technology and they comply with governmental regulations. This will cut your liability and risk when you are ready to move your office.