Reasons Why Self-Storage Is The Best Option For Movers

Most homes have cluttering problems because from every now and then we replace old items with new ones. This makes most home owners have a lot of problems when moving into a new home because they don’t know where to take their old items.

Self-storage is the only solution to this problem because it has numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are:


Self-Storage Creates Extra Space In Your New Home

If you have a lot of items in your house, you don’t need to clutter your house. You can create an extra space to store extra furniture and items for future use. With proper prep work, you can store old furniture or items for a long period of time without deteriorating for future use by your children or even donations.

However, since you have limited space to keep all the items, you can look for a self-storage facility to create extra space in your home.


Self-Storage Facilities Have Climate Controlled Environment Which Protects Your Items

Since your items are very precious to you, you are required to take care of them even if you’ve bought new ones. However, this might not be the case if you prefer storing your old furniture or other items in your basement or garage.

The main reason to object this is because you cannot be able to control the conditions you are storing your items in. In most cases, poor storage procedures often causes heavy losses of furniture and other appliances because they are exposed to extreme weather conditions e.g. moisture and heat.

When you want to store your items for a period of time, look for a storage facility which has climate-controlled units because they are effective in controlling the conditions that may predispose your items to damage e.g. humidity and heat.

It is therefore possible to successfully store your items for a very long period of time without causing damage.


Easy Access To Your Items

One factor to consider when selecting a storage facility is location. You should go for a storage facility which is easy to access at any time of the day to allow you obtain your items whenever need arises.

Also, it is easy to access the facility to store seasonal items such as shovels, snow blowers and grills in case you don’t need to use them any time soon. This creates a lot of space for other items which might be needed on a daily basis.


Access To Unique Amenities

When you hire a self -storage facility, you will not only benefit after storing your items but also during the whole process of moving your items.

Some you’ve hired a self-storage unit, you stand a chance of getting certain benefits to appreciate your loyalty.

For instance, when you hire security self-storage units you stand a chance to the following amenities:

  • Getting free transport because you will be offered a free valet moving truck although it comes with certain regulations
  • Getting free packing services from the company’s hired workers
  • You will be provided with moving supplies e.g. bubble wrap, tape, locks, dish and glass packers and a discounted price


Considering self-storage is the best decision a homeowner can make because it not only saves space and costs but also promotes the lifespan of stored items.

You will have a guarantee that your items are safe, easily accessible and in a good condition because self-storage units are professionally run and maintained.

Building Your Future In self Storage Units-The Things to Consider before Investing


Measuring Twice but Cutting Once

After considering where to set up the storage investment, the next step will involve assessing how to set it up. Now that setting up buildings for storage space will be the business you are investing in, think a lot about preparing and planning for the construction. Ensure that you choose a construction professional with experience in constructing storage facilities and one who can also give you more expert insights on the construction. The ideal plan for the construction is one that will improve the occupancy rate and assist you in avoiding expensive renovations in future.


Should You Move Your Home During Summer in Sydney



Summer is considered to be the ideal season for moving a home. Why? It’s because kids have their school breaks and there is no fear of ruining your moving experience due to cold winds or cruel rains.

But when you decide to move your home in Sydney, you should know that selecting summer time for moving your home has its own pros and cons. They are all listed here to help you make a better decision on whether you should move a home in summer.



  1. Less Chaos

As we have already told you, summers are ideal for moving a home because your kids don’t have to go to the school. You can take their help in packing your stuff at home by bribing them with things like extra TV time.


  1. Better Weather

The days are usually longer in summers which give you extra time to pack just one more box every day or finish packing your entire bedroom stuff in one day. On the contrary, if you move during winters, you would barely pack one or two boxes when it’s dark outside and you need to start preparing for making dinner.


  1. Good for Education

Moving a home during summer breaks means that your kids won’t be forced to leave the school during the middle of a school year. Moving a home can be stressful for kids too and if they go to a new school and adjust there during a school year, their academic performance can suffer.


  1. More Expensive

A summer move might not be a smart idea for your budget. Mainly due to the aforementioned reasons, most people plan to move during summers so you have to shell out more money for rendering services like hiring a mover and packer.

The removalist would be in demand more and as a result, you will have to pay some extra to avoid being cancelled upon. A wise idea would be to plan things in advance and hire a mover a month in advance to avoid the extra costs.


  1. Heat Factor

If you are doing the packing yourself rather than hiring a furniture removalist in Sydney to help you out the summer heat can be a terrible thing for you. Remember to hydrate yourself often or choose to grab a drink, especially after every box you pack to avoid dealing with dehydration. Another solution to beat the heat could be to wear cool, comfortable and loose clothes that don’t make you feel too hot. You can even pack the stuff inside your home by wearing your pyjamas as no one would be looking at you. When going outside, you must wear some sunscreen to protect your screen. Believe me, people often spend more time than they expect during packing outdoor stuff like garage stuff or garden stuff that they think and often end up with sunburn.

In case you wish to avoid packing the heavy stuff because the heat is killing you, you can always depend on the furniture removalist to do it for you. Their people would excel at moving stuff during the heat without compromising on the quality of the work as they would have been doing it for many years.


Top 10 Removalist Tips To Keep In Mind While Moving To Sydney

Moving to a new place, especially a city like Sydney often turns out to be an overwhelming experience for people. If you need help in deciding how to move to Sydney in the most efficient manner then a list we have created just for you can assist.


Know Sydney a Bit

Opera House during Vivid Sydney

Before we move on to the list, let us tell you the basics about Sydney. The city is the largest city in Australia and it’s also the capital of New South Wales. The city is a renowned hub of commerce. It also hosts major cultural and sporting events from time to time. Tourists love the city because it has many world-renowned attractions. No matter your age, gender or your life choices, the city will attract you like it attracts people from all walks of life.


How to Get to Sydney?

If you are ready to move to Sydney, you would be smart to learn the ways to get here. You can take a flight from any other part of Australia and land in the city of your dreams. The Kingsford-Smith airport would be your destination that can be reached within 1 hour if you are flying from Melbourne or Brisbane.

People who love adventure while they travel would love the experience of road-tripping the East Coast. This method of travelling would allow you the chance to explore the seaside townships that are dotted along the coastline, amazing National Parks, and stunning beaches.

Taking some breaks to enjoy the beaches is a smart idea as it will take away some stress of commuting and major interstate furniture removal from your mind. If you aren’t keen on driving or hiring a cab for road travel, you can also hop on any of the long distance buses that travel to and from Sydney via the extensive national highway network.

We hope that you have decided when you plan to move to Sydney and your travel option. Now we can concentrate on the main part, i.e., some useful tips for moving to Sydney. Here they are:


First Tip: Keep in Touch

When you are moving to a new place and you expect a furniture removalists team in Sydney to help you out, make sure you stay in touch with them until the day your stuff is removed. Disconnecting your landline a few days early may seem like a good option for saving a few dollars but it would be a headache when you can’t talk to the removal team.

Make sure to keep your landline on until the day after the transit. It would also be good to keep the mobiles charged and give the numbers of your family members to the removal team to avoid any lack of communication.



Second Tip: Don’t Rush Things

Imagine you have moved all the furniture out of the home or in a single room by making assumptions on the time of arrival of your truck and the truck has a mechanical glitch. What happens then? Your furniture stands out in the open or is cluttered. It will be very uncomfortable. So, don’t rush things and wait for the truck to arrive first.


Third Tip: Crosscheck Everything

Make sure that you or someone in the family has a list of items that need to be transported. If anything is left, it would be more trouble for you and the removalist as the truck would have to make another trip just for a single or a few items that were left out.

man stressed out while packing and moving furniture

Fourth Tip: Keep Important Stuff with You

When you are expecting the removal team at your home, make sure you keep all the necessary documents or precious goods aside. They must never be kept with the furniture that needs to be transported as they may actually travel in the truck while you keep searching for them. If you are moving from another state, it can take a few days to see your stuff again so be sure to separate the precious items beforehand.


Fifth Tip: Foresee Parking Issues

If you don’t want the truck to be parked away from the pickup and drop off locations, make sure you reserve the parking as close to the points as it can be. The process of removing your furniture would be much easier if the workmen don’t have to travel a long distance to the truck while moving the goods.



Sixth Tip: Store Your Incoming Mails

It would also be a good idea to store your e-mails a few weeks from the moving day. It will help you remind who needs to know that you are moving. Keeping all the names in the head can be difficult so take help of technology whenever you can.


Seventh Tip: Do the Packing Smartly

In the cases of interstate furniture removals, poor packaging can be a big issue. Imagine your boxes opening up and spilling in the truck. Worse, you having to sort the products when they reach the destination when you are tired from the journey yourself. So, it would be a smart option not to use poor quality packaging materials.


Eighth Tip: No Liquids

When items like refrigerators are moved, people often make the mistake of not defrosting it. It leads to a huge mess in the truck and the liquid often harms wooden furniture. Hence, be sure to remove all the liquids from the items that are to be transported. Removing fuel from any mechanical items is also a wise choice as fuel can be just as dangerous as possible leakages.


Ninth Tip: Take Care with Plant Transport

Plants need extra care than a piece of furniture. When you are moving to a new place, make sure you water the plants in advance and pack them separately and safely so that they don’t break or spill water in the truck. There can be some quarantine restrictions and regulations on moving the plants. You must know them and abide by the regulations.


Tenth Tip: Hire a Professional

The final tip for every person expecting to move to Sydney or any other state is to choose the most experienced furniture removalist who has tons of years of experience in furniture removal to or from Sydney.

This final step will make sure that your furniture is moved in a safe and sound manner without any damage.


Moving House With An Old Cat

Relocating or moving is always a complicated process, especially when old cats are involved. There are several things to consider when moving and your pet’s safety should be a priority. That being said, here are some tips to make the moving process easier and ensure your cat remains healthy, as well as happy, in the process.

  1. Keep Your Cat in a Confined Area — While some might consider penning up an animal cruel, it is the best course of action during a move, especially when dealing with older pets. The confusion associated with a relocation can be difficult for animals. Moreover, they are rarely as agile as they used to be. Therefore, keeping the animal in a confined area will not only reduce the confusion around them during a move, but it will ensure the pet’s safety.


  1. Boarding the Animal Is a Possibility — Pet owners might want to consider temporarily boarding their animals while moving, especially when the cat and/or other animals are older. This way, owners know their pet is safe and its needs are being attended to by professionals, so you can concentrate on your relocation plans. It is up to the owner to decide how long the animal(s) might need to be boarded. It might be just for a day or two while the major moving is performed. On the other hand, some owners might want to wait until they are more settled into their new place before bringing the animal home. It would depend on your circumstances and budget.


  1. Move Your Cat Ahead of Time — Since relocating can be so stressful and chaotic, pet owners might want to consider moving their animals ahead of time. This will not be an option for all animals, of course. However, cats are generally low-maintenance and do not require a lot beyond food, water, shelter, and a litter box. Therefore, if you are moving to a nearby location, you could consider relocating the cat to the new abode and allowing them time to adjust to their new surroundings ahead of the move. This strategy could be beneficial for the animal(s) and their owner on many levels.


Let’s face it, moving is never easy. There are always complications that arise and unforeseen circumstances that alter plans. It is not only a stressful time for movers but their families and/or pets, as well. Hopefully, the tips listed above will help make a move and/or relocation easier, especially when older pets are involved.


Moving Furniture Requires Thoughtfulness and Strength

university students packing togetherWhen it comes to furniture removals, there are a lot of different things that you have to consider. After all, it is your furniture that someone is going to be shifting and you want to make sure that it is being done correctly.

Some people have the misconception that they can hire a company to do furniture removal without putting any thought into the process whatsoever. The truth is, moving furniture is difficult and it must be handled in a very precise manner or the item could be severely damaged.

There are also other things that are involved with the whole process. Taking out tables and chairs from a structure that is a single story at street level is much easier than lifting heavy items like the cupboard up and down a long and winding staircase.

Sometimes, even moving heavy items down a narrow hallway can present special challenges that require a lot of creativity in order to find a solution. The best companies have the experience and the knowledge that allows them to handle situations that are not at all common.

For these individuals, a viable solution can be thought of to virtually any situation. Lesser companies may have trouble coming up with ideas that will allow them to move furniture safely or they may not possess the necessary level of skill. Unfortunately, there are some cases where they simply don’t take the time or the effort to ensure there is no damage.

When you are relocating from one place to the next, you don’t want to have to deal with shifting furniture as well. Moving is stressful enough without trying to struggle with something that could very well weigh as much as you do.

When you hire the right company, you can rest assured that they will come in and properly package and move everything on your behalf. In most cases, they not only load it onto a vehicle for transport, they also transport the furniture and then unload it at the new destination.

Obviously, this makes the entire process of moving go much more quickly and in most cases, it makes the process less stressful.

The next time you are considering hiring a removalist company, keep these tips in mind. It will undoubtedly help you make the right choice if you realize the importance that is involved with hiring a company that is capable of doing the job correctly with little or no supervision.

This helps you achieve your goals more quickly and also frees you up to handle other aspects of the entire moving process instead of being forced to obsess over your furniture.


The Dangers of Hiring an Unprofessional Office Removalist



family packing things together

Moving an office (regardless of its size) can be expensive. Proper packing, furniture, records, and many other items must be taken into consideration when it is time to relocate. It is also imperative for you to hire a reputable office removalist. A trusted and experienced company will make sure that everything is securely transferred to the new site. Choosing the wrong people can lead to lost and stolen information, liability risks, and even business disclosures.


Mini-Storage Trends

Mini-storage service is becoming more popular. These companies specialize in placing office items in their warehouse. They claim business owners will avoid the costs associated with traditional moving and storage. It is imperative for business owners to know that these providers do not offer the same insurance protection as professional office movers. It is also vital for business owners to understand that mini-storage service providers can legally auction a company’s items if their bills are not paid on time.


Many experts consider such companies to be very unprofessional. They are not bound to the same codes followed by traditional professional office movers. Companies are liable to face future lawsuits if they deal with such removalists. Companies are also putting themselves at risk to losing thousands of dollars if they fail to hire a professional office moving company that is held to high standards.


Here are a few red flags you should be aware of:

  • Poor online customer reviews or ratings
  • Using cellular telephones to conduct business
  • Using rental trucks and not company owned vehicles
  • Not being registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • Using P.O. boxes instead of physical addresses

Mini-storage companies set-up shop and disappear when something goes wrong. Some will reappear under a different name and business license after facing a lawsuit. They are notorious for using extremely low prices to draw in customers. A low price is an indication that you are dealing with amateurs.


Choosing a Reputable Office Mover

There are businesses that care about their customers and reputation in the industry. They do not offer low-ball prices to get business. They are only interested in offering a quality service at a competitive price.


Let’s go over a few tips on choosing a reputable office mover.

  • The company should have licensing, bonding, and insurance
  • Have a physical address, landline, and references from earlier customers
  • Have positive online reviews
  • Use branded company vehicles and storage centers
  • Perform intensive background checks on their employees
  • Offer a competitive bid
  • Visit your place of business, inspect your office, and give you a quote based on what is seen. You should never hire an office mover that provides a quote over the telephone.


Reputable office removalists lower your company’s risk of liability. They are insured and can absorb liability problems if company’s records or furniture is destroyed during the move. Hiring a hybrid office mover and records management firm is your best option. These companies use the latest technology and they comply with governmental regulations. This will cut your liability and risk when you are ready to move your office.


Furniture Packing Tips During a Long Distance Move

cartoon of a man lifting a sofa with wife and catFurniture forms a very important part of your home. When you plan to relocate, your furniture is sure to tag along with you – no matter if it’s a short or long distance move. These tips will also help you to safeguard antiques and other such valuables.


Basic rules

1) Be very slow and careful when moving any furniture. You never know what may cause damage to your furniture all of a sudden.

2) Examine all sides of your furniture and determine if anything is already broken or damaged. This will help you to know if it has incurred any further damage or has reached your new destination in the same condition.

3) Plan ahead. Chalk out the whole plan of action before you actually start moving the furniture items. This will help you in identifying trouble spots and you can clear the way or remove the obstructions beforehand.



Specific rules for furniture

  1. Clear the path – Certain furniture items may be huge in size and placed well in the interiors of your house. So it is better to move the items which are nearer to the exit door first and then move to the items placed inside. This will help to not only move the furniture in a systematic way but also clear the path for the other items.
  2. Check all your furniture items – While packing, it may happen that you leave an accessory such as a watch, belt or any other valuable item in the drawer of a furniture item that you are about to pack. This may result in the valuable getting lost and it may also cause damage to your furniture.
  3. Place one hand beneath – Have a firm grip over any furniture before moving it. You can do this by placing one hand beneath the item and holding it firmly from all sides. Ask your family members or your mover to help when moving heavy items.
  4. Do not drag your furniture – When you are moving these items, care should be taken that you do not drag or slide them on the floor. This will not only cause cracks or marks on your floor but also damage the furniture itself. Avoid lifting chairs by their arms or crest rails.
  5. Do not walk backwards when moving furniture – It is very important to face forward when you are moving any kind of furniture item. Walking backwards can prove to be dangerous and you might hurt yourself or incur a serious injury. You may also damage your precious furniture items in the process.
  6. Using a cart – You can take the help of a cart when moving furniture outside your home into the moving van or vice versa. This will help to avoid any injury from taking place. Also, when you place too many items on a cart, make sure that you have secured them with the help of a padded strap or a rope so that they stay safe during a long distance move. You can also wrap them in a blanket pad so that they are safe from bumps.
  7. Reporting damages – In the unlikely event of a damage taking place while you are making a short or long distance move, be sure to report all kinds of damage to your mover. This will help them to keep a track of the condition of your items. Save all the broken pieces together. This will help you restore them later. You could also ask a professional to put them back together.