Tips for Stopping Plumbing Leaks

There are several options for stopping plumbing leaks. Small water leakages at soldered joints along copper pipes are often easy to fix.

However, they might be a bit challenging to fix in some cases. Read on through this article to know what you should do if everything else fails.

plumbing leaks

Here are the plumbing supplies you’ll need for the project:

  • Slip joint type of pliers
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Soldering torch
  • Rags
  • Tube cutter
  • Flux
  • Copper fittings
  • Cloth sandpaper
  • Copper pipe
  • Solder (lead-free)

Once you gather the above tools and materials, follow these tips:

Tip #1- Drain the pipe and solder the joint

First, turn off the main water valve. Then open all the nearby faucets. Doing so will drain water from the pipe you’re repairing. Once done, dry the exterior part of the joint. Then sand it with a 120-grit sandpaper.

Sanding the joint will remove any surface corrosion. Next, apply the soldering flux on the joint. Then apply heat using a soldering torch to make the older solder melt.

Once done, apply new solder on the joint. Allow the pipe to cool for at least five minutes. Now turn on the water supply and check whether the leak has stopped.


Tip #2- What to do when the leak doesn’t stop

If the leakage fails to stop, shut off the main water valve again. Open all the faucets to completely drain the pipe.

Remove the entire joint by cutting it off. Get a new joint and solder it in place. Then turn on the water and check whether the leakage has stopped.


Tip #3- Last option when everything else doesn’t work

If you solder a new fitting but it ends up dripping, then you need to try another trick. If you’re working on an elbow joint, you can replace it with a new tee. Solder one end of the threaded fitting to allow moisture escape in the form of steam.

Then heat the pipe joint until the solder melts. Allow it to cool and attach a threaded type of plug. Use pipe compound or Teflon tape on the plug to create a watertight seal.

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Plumbing Supplies: A Way to Construct Modular Home

When constructing a modular home, plumbing is a significant factor that can in no means be left out. Modular houses look similar to traditional houses.

The only difference is that in modular homes, some accessories are constructed in the factory. Fewer constructions are done on the ground.

Many people have embraced constructing a modular house because it has been more affordable, and a professional contractor has been involved in the entire construction.

Plumbing is one of the necessities requires while constructing a modular house. There are various plumbing supplies in the market today, which have significantly helped the homeowners.

plumbing supplies

Any homeowner would be interested to see complete plumbing works such that the fixing and repairs that come later on are reduced in a significant way.

The issue of plumbing supplies has been enhanced in a way that it has become a business of fixing, repairing, and casting pipes. For instance, in the past, the design process of pipes was using metallic pipes.

This has so far been changed, and plastic pipes are working efficiently for a modern house.

In case of any leaks, fewer costs are involved since a plastic pipe can be cut easily and repaired using less expensive materials in comparison to the old pipes.

The homeowner should, therefore, ensure that he gets the proper plumbing supplies which are the only ground of achieving your dream house.

And as such one needs to understand the type of plumbing that will work best for the new building being set up.

As such, there are a few points to note so that you are in a position to get the best plumbing supply, and they are outlined below.

  • Ensure that you buy the plumbing goods that you are most contented with. Every plumbing supply is available in the market, and you should research, weigh your budget, and go for the best according to your plan.


  • Hire a professional plumber who will be able to advise you on what is the best plumbing supplies for the type of the house you have put up. He should also have skills to enable complete installation of the plumbing system in the house; he should be reputable such that if you want to ensure your house, it will be easier to negotiate the credibility with the insurance company.


  • While buying the plumbing supplies, be with the company of the plumber who will advise on the way forward. Besides, carrying along with you the map of your house. It will help to make easy decisions as to where you wish the plumbing goods to fit.


It is also important to ensure that you get quality plumbing supplies. Most people who have experienced endless repairs used cheap and fewer quality supplies which have increased costs further, if the right thing were done the first time, then the issue of many repairs would be a thing of the past.

Compromising the quality have consequences. If your area storehouse for plumbing services has limited goods, then extend your search to other shops which supply quality. Get the best, and you will never regret it.

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