Top 10 Removalist Tips To Keep In Mind While Moving To Sydney

Moving to a new place, especially a city like Sydney often turns out to be an overwhelming experience for people. If you need help in deciding how to move to Sydney in the most efficient manner then a list we have created just for you can assist.


Know Sydney a Bit

Opera House during Vivid Sydney

Before we move on to the list, let us tell you the basics about Sydney. The city is the largest city in Australia and it’s also the capital of New South Wales. The city is a renowned hub of commerce. It also hosts major cultural and sporting events from time to time. Tourists love the city because it has many world-renowned attractions. No matter your age, gender or your life choices, the city will attract you like it attracts people from all walks of life.


How to Get to Sydney?

If you are ready to move to Sydney, you would be smart to learn the ways to get here. You can take a flight from any other part of Australia and land in the city of your dreams. The Kingsford-Smith airport would be your destination that can be reached within 1 hour if you are flying from Melbourne or Brisbane.

People who love adventure while they travel would love the experience of road-tripping the East Coast. This method of travelling would allow you the chance to explore the seaside townships that are dotted along the coastline, amazing National Parks, and stunning beaches.

Taking some breaks to enjoy the beaches is a smart idea as it will take away some stress of commuting and major interstate furniture removal from your mind. If you aren’t keen on driving or hiring a cab for road travel, you can also hop on any of the long distance buses that travel to and from Sydney via the extensive national highway network.

We hope that you have decided when you plan to move to Sydney and your travel option. Now we can concentrate on the main part, i.e., some useful tips for moving to Sydney. Here they are:


First Tip: Keep in Touch

When you are moving to a new place and you expect a furniture removalists team in Sydney to help you out, make sure you stay in touch with them until the day your stuff is removed. Disconnecting your landline a few days early may seem like a good option for saving a few dollars but it would be a headache when you can’t talk to the removal team.

Make sure to keep your landline on until the day after the transit. It would also be good to keep the mobiles charged and give the numbers of your family members to the removal team to avoid any lack of communication.



Second Tip: Don’t Rush Things

Imagine you have moved all the furniture out of the home or in a single room by making assumptions on the time of arrival of your truck and the truck has a mechanical glitch. What happens then? Your furniture stands out in the open or is cluttered. It will be very uncomfortable. So, don’t rush things and wait for the truck to arrive first.


Third Tip: Crosscheck Everything

Make sure that you or someone in the family has a list of items that need to be transported. If anything is left, it would be more trouble for you and the removalist as the truck would have to make another trip just for a single or a few items that were left out.

man stressed out while packing and moving furniture

Fourth Tip: Keep Important Stuff with You

When you are expecting the removal team at your home, make sure you keep all the necessary documents or precious goods aside. They must never be kept with the furniture that needs to be transported as they may actually travel in the truck while you keep searching for them. If you are moving from another state, it can take a few days to see your stuff again so be sure to separate the precious items beforehand.


Fifth Tip: Foresee Parking Issues

If you don’t want the truck to be parked away from the pickup and drop off locations, make sure you reserve the parking as close to the points as it can be. The process of removing your furniture would be much easier if the workmen don’t have to travel a long distance to the truck while moving the goods.



Sixth Tip: Store Your Incoming Mails

It would also be a good idea to store your e-mails a few weeks from the moving day. It will help you remind who needs to know that you are moving. Keeping all the names in the head can be difficult so take help of technology whenever you can.


Seventh Tip: Do the Packing Smartly

In the cases of interstate furniture removals, poor packaging can be a big issue. Imagine your boxes opening up and spilling in the truck. Worse, you having to sort the products when they reach the destination when you are tired from the journey yourself. So, it would be a smart option not to use poor quality packaging materials.


Eighth Tip: No Liquids

When items like refrigerators are moved, people often make the mistake of not defrosting it. It leads to a huge mess in the truck and the liquid often harms wooden furniture. Hence, be sure to remove all the liquids from the items that are to be transported. Removing fuel from any mechanical items is also a wise choice as fuel can be just as dangerous as possible leakages.


Ninth Tip: Take Care with Plant Transport

Plants need extra care than a piece of furniture. When you are moving to a new place, make sure you water the plants in advance and pack them separately and safely so that they don’t break or spill water in the truck. There can be some quarantine restrictions and regulations on moving the plants. You must know them and abide by the regulations.


Tenth Tip: Hire a Professional

The final tip for every person expecting to move to Sydney or any other state is to choose the most experienced furniture removalist who has tons of years of experience in furniture removal to or from Sydney.

This final step will make sure that your furniture is moved in a safe and sound manner without any damage.