Moving House With An Old Cat

Relocating or moving is always a complicated process, especially when old catsĀ are involved. There are several things to consider when moving and your pet’s safety should be a priority. That being said, here are some tips to make the moving process easier and ensure your cat remains healthy, as well as happy, in the process.

  1. Keep Your Cat in a Confined Area — While some might consider penning up an animal cruel, it is the best course of action during a move, especially when dealing with older pets. The confusion associated with a relocation can be difficult for animals. Moreover, they are rarely as agile as they used to be. Therefore, keeping the animal in a confined area will not only reduce the confusion around them during a move, but it will ensure the pet’s safety.


  1. Boarding the Animal Is a Possibility — Pet owners might want to consider temporarily boarding their animals while moving, especially when the cat and/or other animals are older. This way, owners know their pet is safe and its needs are being attended to by professionals, so you can concentrate on your relocation plans. It is up to the owner to decide how long the animal(s) might need to be boarded. It might be just for a day or two while the major moving is performed. On the other hand, some owners might want to wait until they are more settled into their new place before bringing the animal home. It would depend on your circumstances and budget.


  1. Move Your Cat Ahead of Time — Since relocating can be so stressful and chaotic, pet owners might want to consider moving their animals ahead of time. This will not be an option for all animals, of course. However, cats are generally low-maintenance and do not require a lot beyond food, water, shelter, and a litter box. Therefore, if you are moving to a nearby location, you could consider relocating the cat to the new abode and allowing them time to adjust to their new surroundings ahead of the move. This strategy could be beneficial for the animal(s) and their owner on many levels.


Let’s face it, moving is never easy. There are always complications that arise and unforeseen circumstances that alter plans. It is not only a stressful time for movers but their families and/or pets, as well. Hopefully, the tips listed above will help make a move and/or relocation easier, especially when older pets are involved.